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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heidi, how low can you go?

Other than Heidi Diaz, are their any administrators left at Kimkins? Just who is there to provide the vaunted support for dieters? Dieters who've plunked down $60-80 for said support from people who have made the plan work?

Many of the original admins, along with other members of the Kimkins diet site are now suing Kimmer - Heidi Diaz - for using fake success stories to sell her diet plan. Success stories which showed stolen pictures of trim, healthy, beautiful people.

But, what about some of Heidi longtime supporters, people who were admins giving advice to the paying customers at Kimkins - where are they now?

One of the admins to serve the longest at Kimkins - Singinglass, aka Delaney Deaver, hasn't posted in over a month. It has been two or three weeks since she's even been to the site. So what happened? Could Singinglass be experiencing some of the same health problems other Kimkins members have suffered? We know by her own admission she's lost a lot of her hair. Is there something else going on? One has to wonder.

So, you'd think after being sued and having the dangers of the Kimkins program brought to light, not to mention the fact that surveillance video shows Heidi Diaz to be 300 lbs. , not the 118 lbs. she claimed - that the advice-givers at Kimkins would have learned something.

Not so fast. Former Kimkins admin and someone who still (astonishingly) supports the diet Swalt gave this piece of advice to a new Kimkins dieter recently.

swalt (User)
Posts: 2014

calories. Too little? Too much?

Ok, I may not have the best
answer but I can give you my 2 cents worth.The plan says to not go under 800
calories and 1200 seems like a good number, my calories were closer to the 800
while I was losing. I think it is more important to make sure that you
don't go ABOVE 20 carbs and don't go BELOW 800 calories. If you watch these two numbers everything should go as planned.Good luck to you
. Sue

The dieter in question stated her intention to follow the caloric intake guidelines based on her BMR - basal metobolic rate. Going too far below this number can send your body into starvation mode where the body starts eating itself for nutrition. But, notice Swalt has NO trouble telling this person that - hey 1200 calories is okay, but (hint, hint, wink, wink) you could drop down to 800 with no problem.

Can this possibly be safe? Well, NO, of course not!

Using a BMR calculator, which measures the amount of calories you need just to run your body with no activity, ( I plugged in some really low numbers: 4'5" tall, 85 lbs. and 45 years old. A female this size and age would still have a BMR of 1,062.35 calories for a day. Thats almost 33 % more calories than the Kimkins advisor says is okay for a large person with lots of weight to lose. This calculation is what would be needed by a TINY person just to maintain basic bodily functions.

Swalt may no longer be listed as an "admin" at Kimkins, but she is known as a former admin and she's still singing the same ultra-low calorie tune that's done a number on many people's health.

By the way, Swalt's new title (user) seems pretty appropriate if you ask me.

Like Kimmer, Swalt has no degree in nutrition and no training to be handing out advice to dieters on a paid subscription website.

Don't pay Heidi and her gang at Kimkins to tell you how to starve yourself. Find a good low carb diet and get healthy!

Oh, and the next time you're in the grocery store, check the milk cartons to see if Singinglasses' picture is there.

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Kat said...

"Oh, and the next time you're in the grocery store, check the milk cartons to see if Singinglasses' picture is there." hahahaha Pretty cute! I don't think SingingLass every followed the diet as written anyway...if she had, it wouldn't have taken her over a year to lose her 100+ pounds. She tweaked it and had lots of "cheats" along the way. Because I feel SL is so nieve, I sincerely hope she is not suffering the ills that the Kimkins diet presented to so many people. People over there need to educate themselves and stop following that starvation diet because even if they do lose that weight, it will go right back on. Sad. Find a healthy eating pattern and stick to it and save your life!