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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Actual Success Stories Do Not Tell the Whole Truth

Fraud is at the heart of the lawsuit faced by Heidi Diaz of Kimkins infamy. In a deposition before the court, she has admitted using stolen photos of beautiful, healthy, slender people from mail-order bride and groom sites to entice people into paying her for her starvation diet and advice on losing weight.

But, are ALL the Kimkins "success" stories fake? No.

Have some people actually lost weight on Kimkins and kept it off? Yes.

Does this mean it's okay to try Kimkins? NO!!!

Let's use an analogy about media bias my brother came up with to explain how some Kimkins success stories are "real", but in NO way tell the true story of Kimkins.

Let's say a sportscaster who graduated from Western BFE University wanted his team to look good at the end of the season. So, he edits together clips from W.BFE.U's games, but only shows the best plays from the entire season. He doesn't fake any of the clips, but the presentation would not show the true W.BFE.U's team - a team that didn't win a single game all season. By selecting only certain clips, W.BFE.U could LOOK like National Champions.

Btw, if you will notice, the media does this in some fashion all the time, showing only the most unflattering photos or video of the politicians they do not like, etc. Media bias is ALIVE and well. It's what they DON'T tell you that makes them biased. Technically, they don't lie so much as they only present one side of the story - lying by omission.

Same thing with Kimkins. For those who have lost weight strictly following Kimmer's diet, none that I know of have done so without experiencing some health problems. Significant hair loss and dizzy spells are the most common. That is what made me stop doing the Kimkins Diet plan. For others, irregular heart beats, amennorhea, and eating disorders are pretty common. One person who did Kimkins even lost so much muscle tissue that she had to undergo surgery to repair the damage.

Skinny, yes. Healthy, no!

Frankly, most people cannot live on the 800-1000 calories you get to eat on the Kimkins diet plan. Nor should ANYONE try to live on that small amount of food. For those who've stuck it out and lost the weight, many are paying a HEAVY price for believing in Heidi Diaz.

Bottom line: DON'T DO KIMKINS.

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