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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why Continue the Fight?

Several people (Ducks!) took part in a bombing raid over at the Kimkins diet website a few nights ago. Here is just one of the messages posted in an attempt to reach the dieters still left there.

We are here to help you. We're not asking you for money or hero-worship. We only ask that you read this and then check out the facts for yourself.

You have been lied to over and over by Kimmer. Her family says she has NEVER been thin. All she cares about is getting your money, nothing else.

Kimkins is DANGEROUS. This diet is starvation. It can lead to problems such as significant hair loss, dizzy spells, heart palpitations, fainting, and muscle wasting. The consequences can be very serious, even deadly. Google the term VLCD - very
low calorie diet - and see what effects it can have on your body.

Kimmer has NO medical training whatsoever to properly advise you on how to lose weight. Kimkins promotes a condition known as "rabbit starvation" - another good thing to Google and check out what it can do to you. It's serious, it's scary and it's not worth endangering your health!

I have been where you are, I know exactly how desperate you
feel to lose weight and how GOOD it feels when it starts falling off. But,
when you starve the weight off, you're putting your metabolism at risk and
making it MUCH harder to keep the weight off unless you keep eating at
starvation levels. Can you really follow Kimkins for the rest of your life? No. Your body's natural defenses will take over.

Kimmer doesn't follow her own plan. When the private investigator talked to her and got pictures and video of her last fall, she had an open container of sugar cookies in the passenger seat of her car next to her. At the same time, she was brow-beating dieters at Kimkins to carefully measure how much lettuce they ate!

There are good low-carb plans out there that you can do to lose weight, and be healthy at the same time. There's Atkins, Protein Power, Glycemic Load, etc., all
doctor-created and safe. Please, leave Kimkins now before you damage your
health. There are great support sites out there for FREE. You don't have
to do this alone! Take some time and research Kimmer - Heidi Diaz for
yourself and ask yourself if you can still trust her?

-I'm a successful low-carb friend and I approve this message!

During the raid a few members posted comments that said "take your hate elsewhere." Do you see any "hate" in the above quote?

No. What you see is an attempt to wake up some people and educate them on the DANGERS of the Kimkins diet.

My dear friend Medusa - - has blogged in excruciating detail about the ravages of anorexia nervosa. Anyone who does a 500 calorie a day diet for very long is in serious danger of doing that kind of life-threatening damage to their body. Your body will literally eat itself to death trying to live.

As a "Duck" - someone who knows all about the fraud behind Kimkins and all the lies told by Heidi Diaz, I cannot give up on stopping Heidi until she is in prison where she belongs.

This fight isn't about hate at all! I am not motivated by hate. I am motivated by a deep desire to help others.

If you are still at Kimkins, or doing another starvation diet like the Magic Chicken Diet, you must ask yourself some tough questions.

Are you willing to break away and do a sensible, effective diet like Atkins, Protein Power or The Glycemic Load diet?

Or, are you determined to simply leave behind a skinny corpse?


theTRUTH said...

...Our friend mayberryfan just had an excellent post on her blog. If you are doing Kimkins, and missed the messages posted in there the other night, it is a must read...

Medusa said...

Superb post, mayberryfan.

It is so difficult to "reach" those members at Kimkins.con who refuse to listen to, or believe, the truth about both Heidi Diaz and the Kimkins starvation diet. And some, even knowing the truth, have turned a blind eye to the lies of Heidi Diaz and her diet's deadly physical and emotional effects.

They have wilfully covered their eyes and their ears to all sane and rational advice, and it worries me sick that many of them will, unfortunately, suffer irreparable physical harm as their heart muscles are attacked because of their consumption of 500 calories or less per day. It is a recipe for disaster.

Our fellow blogger, MrsMenopausal, has a shocking post on her blog, Weighing the Facts about the death of a 49-year-old professor who suffered from anorexia. I hope that Kimkins.con members read that post. Here is the link to it:

Professor Rosemary Pope Dies Of Anorexia At Age 49

Again, great post, Mayberryfan. And thanks SO much for the link :^)

2BIG4MYSIZE said...

great post Mayberryfan. just keeping one new person from becoming a new page on is worht all the effort to continue the battle.

Scarlet said...

You have no right to do a 'raid' over there. These people know the dangers. They have made the choice to keep following this diet. They r adults. You dont need to shove your views down their throat. Geez.

Yucky said...

{{{Mayberryfan}} Great post, great blog. Fascinating stuff.

And to "Scarlet" -- you honestly believe people don't have a "right" to speak out & tell the truth, especially when trying to warn other people of danger?

uhm and exactly what country are you from?

Scarlet said...

As soon as someone doesnt share your view, you jump down their throat. Those people paid money, probably just to get away from the anti-kimkins bloggers. Thats what Im saying. Now, go ahead, throw your mean words back at me, I just dont care, no one will make you see the other side, as in you wont make them see the other side. Let adults make their own choices.

Mjr said...

Great post!
And great job at trying to get the KK members to open their minds and understand the dangers. I know most won't listen. But, maybe some will. No matter what, at least you know you tried to get them to see the truth. Hats off to you, Mayberry and the others involved in that "bombing".

Mayberryfan said...


There's a little thing you might have heard of: Freedom of Speech.

Check it out. It's a great thing. And, if you think what I did was jumping down anyone's throat you need to remove your head from your posterior. Get over it.

Scarlet said...

Sorry, I thought I was talking ta an adult. My mistake. (Remove my head from my posterior, 1st grade are we?) Geez, I try to use a lil Freedom of speech and YOU couldnt handle it!!!! Hypocrite.
But freedom of speech is great!! But your speeches have been heard. And inside the kimkins camp they have a right to be left alone, Sorry my view, and my FREEDOM OF SPEECH.