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Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Snarks-giving Kimmer!

Heidi Diaz of Kimkins.con is a peach. She really is. She shows SO much concern for her paying customers over there it's just amazing.

Recently, I posted an amalgamation of posts by longtime Kimkins dieter Robin. I am truly very, very concerned for Robin's health. Robin keeps complaining of dizzy spells, feeling bad, and so forth. But what does she get from Kimmer? A slap on the wrist for talking about her problems.

I'll tell you, that Kimmer is all heart. Take a look at this recent exchange between Kimmer and Robin on the Pinky Swear Challenge thread. You know the one where Heidi never posts her own stats, but demands that the rest of the members do each week? Well, take a look at this charming exchange. The full photo can be seen at:¤t=Robin_Kimmer_combo.jpg


This woman paid Kimmer her hard-earned $$ for help to lose weight and this is all she gets for it. No concern for the CONTINUING problems this woman is having. Just an admonition to keep going so Robin can encourage others to starve themselves with the Kimkins diet.

Robin, many of us are worried sick about you. All attempts to reach out to you have met with stony silence. Are you so desperate to be thin that you will risk everything and follow the advice of someone who weighs 300 lbs. and cannot follow her own dangerous plan?

I hope not. I'm praying we can reach you somehow before it's too late. DON'T DO KIMKINS!


Kimorexia said...


Kimkins - Eating Disorder or Diet?

Slick said...

She has had some serious issues lately. I pray that she sees the light and stops. Nothing... NOTHING is worth the health risk. I think you have something here... PRAYER may be all that is left...

Amy B said...

Robin is seeing a Dr and working on getting help. I have a feeling she will be away from Kimkins.con before too much longer.
Robin..I am not giving up on you...

Mayberryfan said...

Thank you Amyb! That's the best news I've heard today. All I would ask of Robin is to see her doctor and be COMPLETELY honest about what she's been eating. THAT would probably do it.

Thanks also to Slick and OYB for stopping by! Good to see ya!!

Kimorexia said...

AmyB, I read that Robin was seeing a doctor, but I wonder if he really, really knows how she's eating and how she's talking to/about herself regarding her eating and her weight. If she just said she eats lean protein and veggies, the doctors could be snowed.

MBF, I cam by again to say that you've really been knocking it out of the park with your last several blog posts. Separately, they are important posts, but if you read them in a string it really can mow you right over.

I hope that Robin gets to feeling better soon. I hope she knows that people are praying for her out of compassion and concern, and not using her to fulfill some other agenda. I worry about that.

AmyB, does this mean you are in contact with her? I hope so. She needs real friends to look after her.

Mayberryfan said...

I hadn't considered that Robin might think we're just using her to get at Kimmer. That's NOT true. I'm very worried that she's done irrepairable harm to her health trying to follow such a strict eating plan.

It's important to remember that the lawsuit is about FRAUD, not health concerns. Getting Robin to realize she's in danger has nothing to do with the lawsuit.