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Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008: Buh-bye!

Reflection is the most over-looked aspect of learning, yet it is vital to the process. It is natural at the end of one year to reflect on what has happened. Many do this with a critical eye, thinking only of the mistakes they've made, not of the lessons learned through those mistakes.

I didn't reach all my goals for 2008, yet I've have learned much about myself and others. The most important of these lessons is that I'm not giving up THIS time when it comes to my quest to lose weight. I've haven't really gained, but I haven't lost either. In the past, that would've meant me giving up entirely. Not this time. As one of my low carb friends (Wifezilla?) puts it: I would low-carb forever, even if I never lost another pound. I feel better and have tons more energy!

I've also learned in the past few days that while I haven't entirely conquered the demon of stress-eating, I now recognize when I'm doing it and have much more control over it than I used to. My stress level has been elevated the past few days due to the impending open-heart surgery my father will undergo on 12/30 in Birmingham. He must have his Aortic valve replaced and possible repair made to the bypasses he had done in 1994. The same doctor will be doing his surgery this time and he is wonderful, so we feel good about the chances for full recovery. Still, it is a scary time.

Amyb ~ I haven't forgotten about you, just so you know. I'm am praying for your full recovery and for Philip and your entire family. It may help you to know that a family friend was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 1981 and is healthy as a horse now. My friend Kelly who had stage 4 IBC is doing great and just got remarried. Hang in there! You're gonna do just fine!

As for the new year, I have many hopes for good things to come. I never make resolutions, because I think they're silly. But, here's some things I'm wishing for and working on this year.

1. Health and well being for my family and friends
2. Developing an exercise habit
3. Returning to a basic low carb diet and not overdo the fat
4. Continue to increase my teaching skills and get my own classroom!!
5. Continue the fight against Heidi Diaz until Kimkins no longer exists
6. Take a "live and let live" attitude more often.
7. Remember and apply the lessons learned in 2008.

Happy 2009 everyone!


Larcana said...

Happy New Year MayberryFan,
I've been catching up on everyone's blog. Glad to hear you Dad is better. I'm recommitting to my healthy lowcarb diet as well.
Best of everything to you and yours.

Kat said...

Hoping all turns out well for your Father. Love your list! Looks like something you will accomplish this year. Hang in there girl!